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mullartown camp

Looking back, I remember the times that my mum has encouraged and pushed me on to keep my faith alive, keep it constant. She never would have missed an opportunity to send me to every Christian organisation available, which I am thankful for. From when I was the age of seven, she would drive me thirty-five mile to get to a place so close to my heart. She still does.

This place is my happy place. It’s near by the Mourne Mountains, around which you can’t help reflecting on how great God’s workmanship really is. It’s a place where I decided to follow Jesus, to give Him my all. It’s a place where I have made the most incredible friendships that are unbreakable. It’s a place that holds the most unforgettable memories. It’s a place that is life changing. Or more so, it’s God who shows up and changes so many lives at it. There is nothing greater than being surrounded by people who have…

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