Singer/ Writers Block

I’ve never professed to be the best singer ever. Or the greatest musician for that matter. I’ve never thought any higher if myself than what I am. I’ve always been my greatest critic and I pick holes in everything I do because I doubt my ability. I’m a natural perfectionist. Sadly, I used to let these things get the better of me.

What I feel my strength is in, is the fact I do not let these things stop me doing what I love. If everyone was perfect at something from the very start then what is the point in trying to progress? You’re already there. Do things that make you want to grow, to get better at.

My personal favourite part of music, is in the song writing. Yes the vocals are where I outwardly express myself, however putting those feelings I struggle to air in every day life on to a page with a pen and re reading them in my own head before I ever sing them, is where my inner rejuvenation is most effective. I feel like the weight of he world is lifted off my shoulders. Combining this with the vocal part of it is where my place is in music. It is both together that give me an edge. For me is about freedom of expression (sounds like a cliché I know), a way for me to let go of thoughts and emotions. Some people do this via art. Some by reading or writing poetry. Some via sports. Everyone has their release. Mine just happens to be writing lyrics and putting them in to action through song.

I hit bum notes. I forget my words. I sound off key. I get days where I feel the least musical in the world. However, I fight through those small “failures” and I’m glad I do because a lot of the time that’s where my progress is being made. Your mistakes and failures is where your strength of character is created. They are what keeps us humble, yet hungry.

Whatever it is you are passionate about, don’t ever give it up. Stay focused on your talent and believe that good days are on the other side of your inevitable bad days. They come hand in hand. We can’t be 100% all the time, we are human.

Fall down seven times, get up eight.

Alana Faith 🌼16106019_643105895876204_6626738694726745941_n

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