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Real Friendship


We’ve all been there. Falling out with someone you thought so much of can be hurtful to say the least. It shakes you inside and makes you question the whole time you knew them. You question them, you question yourself and you question, well… life.

However, I believe for every fake friend you loose in life, you gain in value with your real friends. We all fall victim to those who take away from us instead of building up, so I see it as a positive thing that those people leave in times of trouble as they only show their real agenda and they highlight the people who are there for you till the end. This also goes the opposite way, for every real friend you loose you gain a faker friend(s). People are great at saying lovely words that sound like friendship, however staying true to their word and carrying out their promises is an entirely different thing.

If you are anything like me, I am too loyal for my own good sometimes. Sure I’ve made mistakes and I’ve done silly things without thinking. Haven’t we all?? I regret a lot of things but I can categorically say I have been a good friend to a lot of people who didn’t deserve it. The things I have done, I have tried to fix as I have forgiven things that others have done to me. That’s what friendship is. Recognising that no-one is perfect and looking for the best in everyone. There are people though that are very self sufficient. What I mean by this is, they think of themselves over anything anyone else feels. It is not wrong to make decisions to further yourself and to make yourself happy, in fact that is to be applauded! However, hurting other people to their core and making those decisions without taking other peoples feelings in to consideration in very wrong. Breaking hearts without one ounce of care is wrong. Leaving an array of hurts and problems behind in your wake, is very wrong. We need to think of how we make each other feel and correct any negatives. That’s what being a good person is.

We all act out in pain. We retaliate with harsh words and nasty comments. Some more than others though. It is all about the level of guilt we feel afterwards at the pain our words and comments create. There are ay number of things I have said and done that I wish I could take back. I do wonder if some people have these same regrets within them.

All that aside, I am more than thankful happy and content with the relationships and friendships I have in my life now, I’m extremely blessed 😊  I’ve lost a lot of fakery which hurt at the time but I most certainly have increased in loyalty, love and genuine care with the people who matter!! Anyone who failed to see the good qualities in me are just setting themselves up for faker friends to fill the void. I don’t have animosity for them in any way, I wish them all the best. I just realised that I was worth more and left them where they belong, in my past. Once I realised this, it was like a light bulb was switched on and I’m able to leave the past in the past and look forward to my future with those who have made my present so meaningful.


People make mistakes and I can forgive anyone anything as I’m a forgiving person. Although I won’t let myself be treated for less than I deserve, as we all should 🙂 As my mum always said, never throw you pearls before swine. Protect your heart as everything you do flows from it.

My circle is most certainly set for life 💜😄