The Unrecognised Disease

Guys today I want to touch on addiction, or what I know of it anyway.

Addictions first and foremost almost always sitting upon another problem unsolved. Mental Health. Trauma. Anxiety. PTSD…. The list could go on. No-one wishes as a child they would end up addicted to something that would steal so may parts of themselves and their lives they wouldn’t even see it happening. It’s gradual and it can take months and years for the person to realise its happening. Family members will spot it a lot quicker but they resist their plea’s as they do not want to admit to themselves nor do they think it is a real problem. For most of the time anyway.

Addiction is an illness in itself. It strips any the beautiful parts of a person that by the end of it if they are lucky to be alive, they won’t even recognise themselves. For the lucky ones who made it through to this part, this is the start of a real painful process that may seem impossible for the individual. It’s learning their life all over again. They see things and changes in their world that they hadn’t noticed before. They look and feel different as we change every day, drugs and alcohol mask this and they feel they have aged and life has moved on overnight.

This isn’t even to mention the process of withdrawal either. This is excruciating for addicts, people I should say as that’s what they are, human beings. They go to hell and back in this process with so many symptoms one would wonder how anyone would do it, this is why they are so scared to it in the first place.

But the main part of this I really need to point out is the reason they started in the first place, the mental health side of it. Some people may have pain in their past or present when they started to lean on drugs or alcohol. It is a painkiller from the overwhelming stress and struggles they are under. It is an escape….. at the start.

Soon enough, it becomes the very things they were escaping from. After the substances have had their way with the person, they are left dealing with the same problems they started using for in the first place, although many other things that have happened in that time to deal with also.

We can see why these people are in such a quagmire with themselves, as they are scared to leave the one thing behind they feel helped them live (in their eyes), the one thing that helped them stop the pain they were feeling, the one friend they felt was there to help when no one else was, the one thing that helped them sleep at night and wake in the morning. Withdrawl from such a thing is not just physical it is completely psychological and brings up so many memories they had buried deep inside. So all in all, its a traumatic experience in itself.

Noone should look down on these people. In fact, we should be in awe of them for what they have gone through to get to where they are. It takes great inner strength and belief that non addicts would never know about, until they can become an addict.

Anyone can become an addict. Anyone….. Let that sink in. No matter what walk of life you come from, no matter what job or occupation, no matter your place in a family, no matter your age. We are all in a position to get addicted to something. I always say “everyone has their poison”…. We all have vices, drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, once again, the list goes on.

I will leave it there because this is something I could talk about for days. I really feel for these people. They might be you, they might be someone you love. We at the PMHANI Team want you to know we are here for you if you have a concern about any of the above. We won’t be able to fix your problem, but we are here to listen and to support and point you in a possible direction that may be able to help.

If you are someone who has beat addiction and continues to……. WELL DONE. We are proud of you. Always remember you will be an inspiration for others to do the same.

Anyway, I’ll stop there and leave you with my motto…. KEEP THE FAITH 

100% love as always,

Alana Faith 🌹

Head Admin


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