The Double Wammy

It comes to no surprise that Mental and physical health problems come hand in hand. I for one am evidence that this is 100% correct.

When I feel my physical health going down, I can out money on it (if I were a betting person) that my mental will follow shortly after. When my mental state deteriorates, you can put your bottom dollar on that my physical will follow. It’s a cruel catch 22.

Now there are times, that this does not happen and it is one of the greatest things to me personally, as I can get better much quicker no matter what side of things has taken a bad turn. The key is, to notice where and when to start looking after the dormant one before it takes hold. Only then can you find the strength to fix the main one that has begun to cause you hassle, for lack of a better word.

When both take hold, it is paraylising and life ruining whilst the symptoms are happening. They take over every single part of your life, big and small.

But your story isn’t over no matter your diagnosis. You are nor your illness!! I wouldn’t even say it’s past of you, it’s a foreign body and affliction that has been set upon going show you how strong you are. There are some people who would never be able to deal with what you do every day. Same way there are things others deal with every day that we couldn’t. This is own own pet so am adversity to overcome and once we do we are empowered by the power within us!!

Sure there are going to be says it takes over, those are the days we need to learn to rest. But there are days that if we push through we will be surprised what we can do and how much power we have over it!! Not the other way around.

Always remember, there are people who love you. Don’t suffer in silence, if you need help ask for it. I’m sure the people who love you would do anything to help.

This is a short one today but I will leave with one last thing. Whatever you’re going through, you can overcome it!!!! I am proof of this.

As always, keep the faith 💜

Alana Faith xxx

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