The Boy Who Cried Wolf

INTRODUCTION to my upcoming book.


We’ve all heard the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, or so we think we have any way. There are too many people branded with this tragic label when in reality, things are going on or really have happened them that no-one believed and left the person alone dealing with an array of trauma that wreaked havoc on their lives to this day.

When something does happen them in plain sight by this point it’s is normally too late. Even when something happens that is obvious to society, they tend to turn a blind eye. Some people do not like to see the truth. It would mean they had to do something and hardened hearts don’t want to get involved. They would rather believe a beautiful lie than an ugly truth.

This book is a perspective of this exact human circumstance. I hope it opens eyes, awakens minds & hearts and creates a place in society that allows people to feel safe to share their trauma and where we all look out for one another.

Mental health is rife in our communities and even though it may seem that victims exaggerate a situation that has happened them, making stories up or simply “too much has happened” for it all to be true, just think how that person must feel if the things they say are true. This is a tragedy that just be adjusted to stop things happening to people and they suffer in silence.

Always keep an open mind.

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