Addicted to loneliness

This couldn’t be more true. A lot of Addictions start due to painful experiences although a lot also are to do with a lack of something humans need, more human contact. It’s a replacement for their loneliness. That’s why they are so hard to walk away from, it’s like we look at them like they are people sometimes, they were our friend when no one else was type of thing.

This goes for every single addiction, physical, mental and emotional. We can become dependent on ANYTHING in this world just to get through life. We need to watch out for people more and make more effort to see them. Instead of pointing fingers and judging what they are doing, recognise their pain that’s causing them to do it and help them.

We always to people “you are not alone” but….. Sometimes we are. Where are those people when we need them?

We also say “reach out for help” but….. Sometimes it’s not there when we do, which only makes the problem deepen. Where are those people when we do?

Help people, don’t judge them. You never know how you or your own children will be in the future. Treat people like you’d want your own children treated by someone else. They are or were someone’s child at one time.

Watch this video, hopefully it will change how we see addiction.

Alana Faith 🌹

2 thoughts on “Addicted to loneliness

    1. I’m so glad! It’s q painful truth, I’m a bit of a recluse myself at times so am getnit. Hope you are alright and I’m really happy you liked this short blog. But I’m just noticing the link to the video isn’t there lol

      Alana Faith 🌹

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