Love and Heal Yourself part 1

I haven’t blogged in a while now; my mental and physical health have not been good since January. Unfortunately, with the conditions I have they affect my cognitive ability and impair anything I love to do, reading, writing, even thinking. It causes a numbness in my mind and body that so frustrating as a creative and communicative person.

Thankfully I am beginning to come back to my usual self so I hope this is a good sign of things to come.

My blog today is about loving and healing yourself.

Now when we think about this, sometimes it musters thoughts of a big-headed self-righteous person, narcissistic maybe. This is not the type of love for yourself that I mean at all. What I mean in this case, is learning to love who you have been created to be, the flaws and the attributes.


Now before I go any further, I know what you will be thinking, as I think this myself even as I write this. “How can I even like, never mind love my flaws when they cause me so much pain??” Well this is the tricky part. Your flaws are as much part of you as your great character traits. People you don’t even realise see your “flaws” as some of your best parts!! We all see ourselves in a different light. On the same bat, our great traits can sometimes be seen by others as your worst. You will never keep everyone happy. The biggest thing we have to realise here is, it does not matter what others see or feel about you. It’s about you yourself.

Yes of course we want our friends and family to see the good in us, which brings me back to my last point, they DO!! It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes “Be who are you are and say how you feel, as those who matter don’t mind and those who mind DON’T MATTER!!… Isn’t that a wonderful thought??


Now let’s get back to loving ourselves. This doesn’t always come easy, for some it will rather than others. Sometimes it depends on how we were raised, emotional abuse or otherwise we have experienced in childhood or adulthood from the outside world, bullying etc…. This is where you have the power. Do not, whatever you do, in your life let other people’s opinions of you, what they did to you and how they affected your life at the time, affects how you are now or anymore. They don’t deserve this power over your being. You are letting them live rent free in your head and their voices drown out the cry of your own heart and soul. You were not created to be controlled by other person, no matter who they are.


I can speak about this from very deep experience. I have been made feel all the worst things you can imagine, that how I know to advise you of this topic. I will admit however, I do falter myself at times with this very issue. I fall prey to the ghosts of my past and dwell on ways I’ve been made to feel even if it isn’t happening now. That’s the thing though, it is not happening now, my life has turned out the way I wanted it to, yet I let my past ruin it and overpower it at times because don’t feel I deserve it. But these are lies!! I do deserve it I’ve worked very hard; I’ve come through the fires of hell so to speak and why should I go through all of that trauma and torment to continue to do this to myself. I myself have turned in to my own bully!! You in this same way, deserve this peace and happiness I am trying to give myself; you have been through enough to let someone who made your heart bleed in the past, bleed any further. You do not deserve this, neither do they as they didn’t deserve to cause your pain in the first place. If you don’t heal what another person cut you with, you will bleed over people who didn’t do it to you and want to help. This includes yourself. It will stop any progress in your life that is good, it will stop you from becoming the wonderful person you were created to be.

I believe you know in your heart what I’m saying is true. I need to keep reminding myself of the same thing at times. It’s almost a habit when times get tough for me, that I fall into a depression and blame myself for this, that and everything. Really and truly, I am stopping myself from moving on from things that did not deserve to take place in my own life. Its self-sabotage. Almost like we are afraid to succeed because we know how hard is to fall from Grace and how far we can fall.

Friends let’s make a pact today to speak kinder to ourselves, give ourselves the encouragement we need, be our own friend.

I’ll finish with 2 more of my favourite quotes:

“Strength is not measured on how hard we fall, it’s how we get back up that shows our strength”

“Get knocked down 7 times, get back up 8” (this may be your breakthrough)


All my love and care as always


Alana Faith



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