Talents don’t leave you

As this is my first blog since last year I was unsure what to write about. Its been a difficult year for me even outside the pandemic so all my hobbies, interests, and talents came to a stop. So I thought the best topic to write about is to reach out to those creative types, […]

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How Hila met Benny

Once upon a time, as all great childhood stories begin, there was a girl called Ilanna. She was a painfully introverted child but also extremely extroverted at the same time. She loved people, a social butterfly would be the way you could describe her, but she thrived on time alone just as much. But she […]

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Loving and Healing Yourself Pt 3

LOVING AND HEALING YOURSELF PART 3    I hope you’ve enjoyed the blogs on my series “Loving and Healing Yourself” so far. I hope they’ve given you a bit in incite that you aren’t alone, we aren’t alone.    Today It would like to bring up the side of the topic out the outward appearance […]

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Love and Heal Yourself part 1

I haven’t blogged in a while now; my mental and physical health have not been good since January. Unfortunately, with the conditions I have they affect my cognitive ability and impair anything I love to do, reading, writing, even thinking. It causes a numbness in my mind and body that so frustrating as a creative […]

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Addicted to loneliness

This couldn’t be more true. A lot of Addictions start due to painful experiences although a lot also are to do with a lack of something humans need, more human contact. It’s a replacement for their loneliness. That’s why they are so hard to walk away from, it’s like we look at them like they […]

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The Cat With 10 Lives

INTRODUCTION “The Cat With 10 Lives”…. The sequel to my other novel The Boy Who Cried Wolf. THE CAT WITH 10 LIVES Ilanna is a troubled girl. Multiple traumas in her life, she hasn’t always dealt with things in the right way. But what is the right way when you’re in turmoil??She has a big […]

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

INTRODUCTION to my upcoming book. “THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF” We’ve all heard the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, or so we think we have any way. There are too many people branded with this tragic label when in reality, things are going on or really have happened them that no-one believed and […]

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